A Bank Holiday is the perfect time to get stuck into some DIY, but it’s important to have the right artificial grass installation tools before you get started!

If you’re planning on installing artificial grass yourself we’ve got a handy installation guide to take you through the step by step. And if you’re not sure which tools you might need we’ve got five of our installation essentials.

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A wheelbarrow is the perfect transportation tool


The transportation device no installer can live without, especially when there is limited access to your garden

Why is it essential?

  • You will need to remove the existing turf before laying your new lawn
  • Transporting and distributing aggregate or sand is made much easier with the help of a wheelbarrow

Top tip – consider hiring a skip if you have a lot of sod to remove without a place to redistribute it.

Installing artificial grass

The grass is secured with small nails to a timber or metal edge around the perimeter of the garden.

Hammer and Nails

Bread and butter of any DIY enthusiast!

Why is it essential?

  • After you excavate the lawn you will need to edge the perimeter with timber.
  • You will also need them to pin down the grass

Top tip – Use 40mm nails to pin the grass down to the timber, use them every 5-6 inches.

Example of artificial lawn installation

A knife is the perfect tool to make sure your grass fits perfectly in your garden space.


A professional will always have a knife with them, and carry extra blades. A dull blade is not your friend!

Why is it essential?

  • To get the best fit against an edge you may need to cut into the grass.
  • Most rolls of grass will have a flappy factory edge you will need to remove before you lay it.
  • When jointing two pieces together it is recommended you take a couple of stitches off each side to make sure it is nice and smooth.

Top tip – Choose a curved blade rather than a straight edge to get the best cut.

Smooth and flattening garden for turf installation

The ground is compacted using a wacker plate to avoid sinkage and achieve a solid base.


A piece of equipment that will help your install more quickly, vital if you’re racing against the hours of daylight

Why is it essential?

  • Compacting the layers of aggregate and sand helps keep the lawn stable
  • Aggregate and sand are granular so in order for the lawn to be level and not lumpy they should be flattened as much as possible
  • Much less time consuming than doing it with the back of a shovel, and can easily be hired.

Top tip –   Use the timber edging you will install around the perimeter to help you judge your compaction level


We always have a team of installers as an extra pair of eyes, making sure every installation is perfect

An extra pair of hands

Sharing is caring, caring for your back that is!

Why is it essential?

  • You would be shocked to find how many people underestimate how heavy a roll(s) of grass can be. We always recommend you have someone with you to take off the delivery van and help to unroll.
  • If you are joining long pieces of grass it helps to have an extra pair of hands to move the cumbersome pieces so that your line is nice and even

Top tip – When using small equipment like nails and knives it’s good to have an extra pair of eyes to make sure they aren’t misplaced under the installation or hidden in the pile.

We deliver Monday-Friday excluding bank holidays, so if you’re planning to install your grass over a weekend make sure you place your order by Thursday.