Do you have a garden in shade that you don’t know what to do with? Are the straggly plants and struggling grass getting you down? There are a few things you can introduce to perk up any shady places, just take a read of the following and see if any of these solutions might suit your garden…

Contrasting colours

Brightly coloured plants add colour to an area and bring light into dark spots. If you are planning any type of hard landscaping, perhaps choose a light coloured tile or stone that will contrast against the dark greens. Terracotta pots, and other coloured planters can also compliment the area with a splash of colour.

Replacing grass

A shade garden often looks terrible because the grass cannot grow properly. Replace this with artificial grass to keep the lawn look. It looks just like the real stuff but won’t become muddy and thin with a lack of light. Or transform your garden into something wilder and use wood chips to create an interesting pathway.

Add in a sculptural or artistic element

If you choose something with a reflective surface this is a way of making use of the light that reaches the area in an effective way, as well as creating a focal point. A small ornament here and there can add character and warmth to a sad looking garden.

Create a secret hideaway

Add in a bench, swing or structure for that fairytale, secret garden feel. It could be a place for the kids to play or a romantic corner for a loved-up couple. A secluded little spot could be just what your garden needs.


More is more

Plant in big swathes and encourage plants that thrive in shaded areas. There are more than you think, and they’re not all green! Fill dark spaces with big bold colours that spill out over each other. Often small and delicate will simply get lost in the darkness.

Unless you’re able to cut down trees or knock down buildings it’s better to lean into the fact that it’s shady then struggle against it! These are just five ways you can improve a shady garden but there are lots more. If you’re interested in using Trulawn as the solution to your shady problems just get in touch with us online or give us a call on 0800 2100 461.