Trulawn Harmony

Trulawn Harmony was the first artificial grass in the UK to be made from recycled products whilst also products that could be recycled again. You’ll be glad to know that choosing grass made from recycled plastic doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice performance. It is as durable as the other grasses in our range and suitable for all sorts of applications.

Having recently launched in Leeds, Trulawn is now able to supply and install this revolutionary type of fake grass in the Leeds, Huddersfield, Bradford, Harrogate, York and Doncaster the surrounding areas.
Trulawn Harmony has a backing that uses a new kind of technology to bind the grass threads together – avoiding the need to use a latex which is common in most artificial grasses. This means the product could be broken down and recycled.

Not using latex also has advantages for pet owners. The grass retains less liquid than typical artificial grass meaning that pet urine can disperse much more easily deep into the ground below.
There’s an abundance of natural landscape surrounding Leeds in which to take your dog for a walk but when you don’t have time to take them to Roundhay, Middleton Park, Saxton, Bramley Fall woods or the Eccup & Ardsley Reservoirs, Trulawn Harmony is the perfect alternative for them to do their daily business.

Despite the environmentally friendly benefits the grass still has a 10 year guarantee against fading and degradation.

Contact us for a more complete overview of the grass and to arrange to see some sample or get a free no obligation quote.