Plan your garden this Winter and enjoy it all Summer long.

It’s usually in the Summer months, when the sun’s shining and you’re making the most of being outdoors, that you start to think about changes you’d like to make in the garden.

But Winter is in fact the perfect time to rethink the layout of your outdoor space, while the plants are dormant and the ground is clear. Not much needs doing outside at this time of year, so take the opportunity to plan out how you’d like your garden to look for the year ahead.

Here’s why it makes sense to plan ahead and get your landscaping and design work done during the Winter months:

1. Less disturbance to you and your family.

If you schedule your garden work to be completed in the Summer, it means you won’t actually be able to use your garden during that time! Booking your landscaping to be done in the Winter means your garden will be ready to use once the sunshine comes back around.

The best thing about redesigning your garden over the colder period is being able to make big changes with minimal impact, rather than disturbing it while everyone wants to spend time outside.

2. Better for plants and shrubs.

Established plants, bushes and shrubs will suffer less if they are uprooted and repositioned in the Winter, when they are not growing or in bloom. You may be going for a complete overhaul and only keeping a few plants, but even so it’s much better for them to be moved in the colder months.

Plants are easier to rehome while they’ve died back and aren’t flowering, and there’s less chance of harming them or affecting their future growth. Moving plants in Winter will also give them time to settle in before they come to life again in the Spring.

3. Less risk to wildlife.

It’s much kinder to wildlife to complete your garden project over the Winter, as you won’t risk disturbing any nesting animals and birds. However, do be careful when shifting things around in your garden and watch out for hibernating animals. Check compost heaps, piles of leaves, and long grass in particular.

4. Better for garden workers.

It’s easier to work in the garden when it is not in full-growth, as plants and shrubs naturally die back in the Winter it makes your landscaper’s life much easier! However, remember working outside in the cold for extended periods can be gruelling so be sure to offer plenty of hot drinks!

5. Easier to see the space you have.

During Winter, you’ll see your garden stripped back. This is ideal for seeing exactly what space you have and considering if you are happy with your current design and layout, or if there are changes you’d like to make. Just remember when you’re planning to allow room for new plants and flower beds to bloom once Summer comes around.

6. You’ll be ready for Spring.

Ideally, beds and borders should be built and prepared, ready for sowing and planting in Spring. Getting this done over the Winter months will ensure the soil has a period to settle before you plant up.

A great opportunity to consider new trends.

The Winter months are the perfect time to give your outdoor space an update, transforming your garden to make sure you get maximum use from it during the warmer months.

A garden room could make all the difference to the look of your garden – instead of kids’ bikes and toys lying around on the lawn, or your DIY tools cluttering up the patio, you could store them neatly in a purpose built outdoor room.

Of course, artificial grass continues to become ever more popular, and makes a great addition to any garden. If you’re considering Trulawn as part of your garden redesign, we’d love to hear from you!

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