Whether it’s your first or your latest, moving home is a big event with a lot of things to think about. So much so, that the garden might be the last thing on your mind. That’s why it can be such a disappointment to find that your grass doesn’t grow well or in the case of a new build property, there’s no grass at all, meaning you need a concrete garden solution!

But your garden doesn’t have to spoil your big moving in moment.

Trulawn Artificial Grass is a fantastic surface for lawns that are more mess than meadow. Rather than struggle with trying to rectify existing problems, you can make use of your lawn as soon as possible.

Trulawn are able to install to all sorts of shapes and sizes so if you’d like to keep an area for flower beds and borders – no problem! We can leave or create the space for you to come back to when you have time.

Reasons to choose Trulawn Artificial Grass in your new home:

  • Extra space to make use of as soon as you can
  • Keeps the kids out of the way as you settle in
  • Typically takes only a day to transform
  • Durable and low maintenance (one less thing to worry about!)
  • Keep that fresh look and feel for longer

We recently installed our grass in a current housing development in Walton-on-Thames. As you can see the grass is a great accompaniment to the look of modern build properties, and offers a clean and tidy finish all year round.

If you’re moving into a new home soon and would like to tidy up the garden, get in touch to request and installation quote.