Flowers contribute a lot to a garden with colour and scent, as well as provide different levels and textures. But, they can be a lot of effort to maintain and cause problems to your lawn. If you’re thinking about getting artificial grass but want to know what it might look like next to you beds and borders take a look at some of our installations.

Pros of Artificial Grass…

  • Tidy, defined edges
  • No plants drifting seeds and growing into the lawn
  • No chance of damaging flowers with a lawn mower
  • More time to devote to flowers and growing those roses!

Things to consider…

Raised beds

These are great if you don’t want to break your back crawling around on your knees. With a bench incorporated around the outside they can make lovely communal areas too. And if you have fake grass it’s a good way of making sure dirt doesn’t travel over the border.

Bed borders and edging

There are a few different types of edging available, which each one suiting a certain type of garden. One of the most popular types of border edging is the border roll which looks like lots of mini logs tied together. The only thing to remember with this is that it is made of natural materials so will have a lifespan.

Artificial grass borders

Artificial grass can be a great way to define your borders. As part of the installation the perimeter is always edged with tanalised timber. If you want super smooth curves you can also choose metal edging, this is really useful if you have an unusually shaped bed or border.

Protect your plants

There are also border edges called windbreaks which will protect your plants from the wind. They’re also a good way of preventing petals and leaves from drifting onto the grass.

Here are some examples…