Insights into Installation: Cradle Hill Community Primary School

by Rachel Samuel 3 weeks ago in Insights into Installation

We install our grass in schools and nurseries on a regular basis, for projects of all sizes. This summer we’ve got a large project underway at Cradle Hill Community Primary School in Seaford. It involves the installation of around 5,200sqm of artificial grass for a running track and trim trail area.

Trulawn are consistently chosen by schools and nurseries who would like to improve their school grounds without sacrificing a natural appearance. Our grass has a durability which can withstand light games and activities but a realistic feel and appearance that fits right in with the surroundings.

Cradle Hill required a brand new surface for their field which also operates as a running track, as well as an installation for their trim trail equipment area. The running track is the larger of the two areas at almost 5,000sqm so this is being completed first.

We believe that your grass is only as good as your installation, and with an area this size it’s important to make sure there is a stable draining base underneath the grass. As the project begins you can see a lot of the preparation work is taking place, this involves removing the existing soil so that the sub base can be laid.

A project of this size requires much larger machinery then on a domestic project, which is why we are using 6 and 9 tonne excavators and diggers to remove the topsoil and distribute the aggregate.

The whole perimeter requires edging to make sure the base stays stable and to provide a solid surface to pin the grass onto. For this project over 250m of timber edging was installed. For extra stability the running track will have an extra 20mm of soil removed to meet extra requirements of the area.

In the above picture you can see they have started compacting the aggregate to make the base smooth. As this area is on a slope, if it was to be completely level it would require extensive landscaping to build up or dig out the ground, which would massively increase the cost to the school. Instead the installation will be flat but meet the natural camber of the ground. Once this is completed they’ll repeat this with the next layer of sub-base.

Stay tuned for the next update…

Or in the mean time, read about one of our previous projects of an even larger size. In 2016 we completed an installation of over 7000sqm at Downside Primary School in Luton, including the installation of a unique cycle track.