Schools, nurseries and playgroups come to us to solve a number of different problems with their school grounds. Often their existing surface is natural grass which wears thin and muddy with heavy usage, and a durable alternative is needed to cope with a busy school year. Alternatively the existing surface is hard concrete, which is not the softest or most exciting surface for children to be running around on! Artificial grass completely transforms these areas; helping children get outside to enjoy playtime in any weather as well as reduce the severity of a hard fall on concrete.

Whilst these are just some examples, we have provided more information on the benefits of choosing an artificial play surface for any school, nursery or field!

Swindon school 4
Swindon school 8

No Muddy or Patchy mess

In playgrounds with real grass it’s very common for grass surrounding play equipment and sport specific areas (most commonly around football goals) to become worn away from heavy use.

This causes muddy puddles which are unsightly and, more importantly, can quickly become a safety hazard. The risk of falling over or slipping from climbing equipment is increased when there is wet mud on the ground and on shoes. For schools this also means potential extra money spent on cleaning when mud is then traipsed inside the school buildings.

Artificial grass will completely remove mud from being an issue at playtime thanks to the quick draining benefits and high durability specifications required to meet the needs of active children.

Reduces Allergies

Artificial grass in schools is a lot more common these days because of its durability and tidiness along with the relief it provides allergy sufferers, most commonly hay fever and Asthma. One of the main causes of hay fever is the pollen from grass itself.

Hay fever can reduce a child’s concentration and schoolwork performance due to the common symptoms of blocked noses and sneezing.

Grass pollen is activated and dispersed into the air when the grass is cut with a lawnmower. However, this issue can be reduced when choosing an artificial grass alternative as it requires absolutely no mowing! This means less pollen in the air, reducing the effects of hay fever and disruption to lessons.

Less Maintenance Costs

One of the most common reasons for installing an artificial grass surface is the reduction in maintenance costs.

Schools or local councils typically spend a large amount of their budget maintaining external facilities through dedicated onsite staff or contracted grounds maintenance professionals. If the area needs a lot of continuous work this can be a costly year on year investment.

High quality grass, as provided by Trulawn, can last for around 10-15 years with light maintenance. From our experience, the costs from maintaining natural grass over these years tends to outweigh the artificial grass costs. We understand that the initial cost of an artificial grass installation is significant. But the long life span makes it more than worth it.

Kings Hedges Primary School Supreme 1
Kings Hedges Primary School Supreme 13

A Softer and Safer Surface

One of the most important concerns of any school or nursery is child safety. Artificial grass has been proven to withstand high traffic and rough play without breaking down or eroding. This gives school and nursery managers peace of mind as well being very cost-effective in the long term.

Our expert installation teams make sure that the grass is secure throughout the whole installation by pinning or gluing it down. Some companies only weigh the top down with in-fill, but we believe that still poses the risk of a trip hazard.

As many playgrounds are covered in tarmac or concrete, if a child falls it can cause a nasty injury. Artificial grass is a softer alternative, which can be made even softer by a cushioned foam underlay. For climbing and trail areas our shock pad layer can also be installed around play equipment to reduce the chance of serious injury should a child fall. We also pay special attention to the perimeter of installations on concrete by installing a rubber edging. This eases the transition between the two different types of surface, and helps avoid any tripping over!

Simply put, our artificial grass surfaces are the best options for inside and outside play areas.

Trulawn Provides a Recycled Plastic Alternative

We understand that many schools follow a dedicated eco-policy to promote sustainability and an environmentally conscious outlook for their students. At Trulawn, we don’t support plastic waste either, which is why we are the first UK artificial grass company to provide a grass made from recycled plastic and plastics that could be recycled.

Trulawn Harmony is made up of 80% recycled products, and the best bit is there isn’t any sacrifice in performance. Alongside this benefit is that you won’t need to mow down the large playing fields, which actually helps reduce man-made carbon emissions.

Birmingham school grass installation
Birmingham school grass installation

Brightens up Dull Areas

Artificial grass is perfect for brightening dull areas including concrete playgrounds and patchy natural grass from heavy use or shaded by trees.

Artificial grass is highly popular with inner city schools who don’t have access to a grass playing field. Providing children with a softer, more exciting alternative not only keeps them active but it also improves the appearance of the school by adding that POP of colour. A more attractive, engaging surrounding keeps children creative and is also a great selling point for parents!

Plus, did you know that Trulawn grass isn’t limited to green?

We provide 7 different colours with our Trulawn Trail Grass for school playgrounds to help encourage children to use their imagination and activity.

Modernise your School with Trulawn

Whether you want to update your indoor play areas or upgrade your concrete or natural field to an artificial area, we have the perfect grass for you.

If you’re still unsure, take a look at some of our other school Trulawn transformations!