The Great British weather can fairly unpredictable with weeks of no rain, then a whole month’s worth in a couple of hours. If you know your garden is likely to suffer in the coming weeks then we’ve got a few things you can do to make sure your garden isn’t too severely affected. Take a look…


  • Know your property boundaries. If you want to take care of your fences make sure you know which ones belong to you and which ones belong to your neighbour!
  • Wooden fences rot, so if you’re expecting some extreme winds they may not still be standing once it’s passed. Check for rot as best you can so you can catch it in time, or give it a coat of sealant if you want to protect from rot in the future.
  • You might want to consider concrete posted fencing. If your garden backs on to a public path or area it may be in your interest to make sure your fence stays upright.


  • There aren’t a huge amount of ways of protecting grass from bad weather unless you want to try and cover the whole area! It’s best to avoid compacting it with use if you know there’s going to be a lot of rain as water will struggle to drain through the ground.
  • Artificial grass is a good alternative for those with gardens that are frequently boggy. If your grass is thin and turns muddy quickly with use, artificial grass is also a good way of remedying this. Most of that is down to the draining base that is installed.
  • Plants in pots can be insulated against the cold by wrapping them in bubble wrap, alternatively bring them inside if you’ve got room!

Small structures

  • Check any structures like sheds, greenhouses or tree-houses for any structural weaknesses e.g leaky roof, broken panels, dodgy hinges.
  • Make sure the doors (or windows) are securely fastened.
  • Tidy away any precious ornamental items that might get battered by wind or rain by keeping them safe inside a shed or garage.


  • Most patio and paving is made of porous stone that will allow in water, but there are clear sealants available that will help weatherproof the stone to stop water from collecting and damaging the structure.
  • Invest in an awning. Strength is an important factor if you get harsh winds, so a flimsy awning may not survive! They’re also great for protecting plants from very strong sunshine.

There are quite a few garden maintenance services out there which can do a whole range of jobs to help you out. Rather than buying a load of tools yourself to trim back trees or hedges, dispose of plant matter and patch up your garden, maintenance services can do the lot for you.