Did you know 1 in 4 gardens are now made up of non-traditional lawns? More and more people each year are turning to lawn alternatives to reduce the time spent on garden maintenance. Ideally your weekends should be spent relaxing in your garden not spending all your free time keeping it in check. Artificial grass is one of the most popular alternatives with 1 in 10 gardens having artificial grass instead of natural. Here are things you need to know about maintenance so you can make the first step to reclaiming your weekend…

No maintenance qualities:

  • No watering
  • No seeding/fertilising
  • No cutting/mowing

Artificial grass is after all made of plastic so it does not die, grow or change colour under the influence of the sun, pet mess or from being under garden furniture. It’s suitable for kids and pets and can be laid almost anywhere in almost any design! Sounds perfect!

Low maintenance tips:


Give it a brush every now and again to keep it vertical. Just like you fluff your pillows to keep them looking fresh, artificial lawns like a bit of a brush to help the blades of the grass stay upright. If you’ve got garden furniture move it a couple of inches to reduce the effect of compaction, and help the grass bounce back.

Avoid leaf build up

If you’re surrounded by trees it may be that you have to do a bit of raking in the autumn as big mounds of decaying leaves and plant debris can cause problems with your drainage (not to mention be a bit of an eyesore!)

Pet mess

For pets we recommend you pick up any mess and wash the areas with warm soapy water or diluted disinfectant. Liquids drain away through the holes in the backing of the grass, but you may wish to do a more regular wash during dry weather periods to help prevent lingering odors. Chances are if you want to enjoy your garden then you don’t want to be stepping on pet mess anyway!

And that’s it really! Pretty low maintenance when you look at it!

If you’d like to know more about our artificial lawns visit our FAQ page where you can read about installation methods, materials and advice for keeping your lawn away from the heat.