How long does artificial grass last?

If you’re looking for a long term solution to your lawn problems, you might be wondering how long does artificial grass last? It’s a great question and one with an answer that may surprise you. Our grasses have a guarantee against fading or degradation for at least 8 or10 years, but your lawn can last even longer than this with a possible life usage for up to 20 years!

With durable, UV protected plastic blades artificial grass is highly resilient against the kind of wear and tear which would turn a natural lawn patchy, muddy or soggy. Find out how you can help keep your lawn tiptop and what one can look after almost ten years being laid…

What can affect the life of an artificial lawn?

There are a number of different factors which can affect the appearance and feel of artificial lawn the main ones being:

  • Usage – how often is the lawn used, and by how many people or pets?
  • Environmental factors – what kind of weather, climate, trees, plants or wildlife surround the lawn?
  • Maintenance – does the grass receive regular brushing, and upkeep?

In the most basic sense, the more your lawn experiences, the more upkeep your lawn is likely to require to keep it looking fresh and fancy!

What kind of maintenance does an artificial lawn require?

Artificial lawn is pretty low maintenance, but never maintenance free. Just like a carpet, decking or patio it can still be affected by external factors so we recommend the following guidance:

  • Removal of plant debris like leaves and seeds
  • Picking up all pet mess
  • Rinsing/anti-bac after pet mess
  • Brushing when starting to flatten – at home you can do this with a normal push brush

Following these simple recommendations can go a long way to maintaining a quality performance and appearance of your lawn. There’s no big secret to how long does artificial grass last, its just easy to follow maintenance advice.

What does an artificial lawn look life after 10 years?

Recently we received a request from a couple looking to extend their existing artificial lawn as they could no longer manage the upkeep of the flowerbed to the left hand side of the lawn. Remarkably, when the surveyor attended they still had the original sample of grass with the installation date written on the back of the label.

As you can see, this lawn will be nine years old in September and looks almost as good as new!

When asked how they took care of the lawn over the near decade of use, the owners replied that they gave it a little brush once a week to keep the leaves off.

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