Artificial grass has had a major impact on the sports industry since its introduction in 1965

Originally designed as an all-weather sports surface, Astroturf has been an integral part of training and play across the sports industry. From football to tennis and cricket, artificial grass provides a suitable playing platform all year round. Before artificial grass arrived on the scene, players had to deal with water-logged pitches and patchy ground that was often difficult to play on.

Durable Synthetic Sports Turf

Astroturf and other artificial grass products revolutionised the way America played sport in the 60’s. Increases in hours of play resulted in the frequent deterioration of natural grass that was difficult and costly to maintain. Covered stadiums received little natural daylight or rain water leading to dry, undernourished ground that affected American footballers and baseball players. Artificial grass was the ideal solution for golf clubs, football stadiums and tennis courts that were subject to heavy use or were situated in areas where climate impacted grass quality. This durable synthetic grass allowed play to continue year round, undercover and saved clubs a small fortune in grass maintenance.

The Development of Artificial Grass

Originally abrasive to the touch, the early synthetic grass designs resulted in burns when players fell or grazed their skin and caused unpredictable bouncing of sports balls. A million miles from its humble origins, artificial grass is now available in a variety of designs that are kinder to sports player’s skin and react in a similar way to standard ground. No longer has a garish green carpet, artificial grass evolved to simulate natural grass perfectly. Companies now offer a wide variety of Astroturf type lawns for gardens, sports facilities, commercial areas, schools and landscape areas.

Astroturf from TruLawn

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