Now is the time of year when Brits across the UK dust off their barbecues, the smell of charcoal and sizzling beef drifts across fences, and the sun shines well into the evening. If you’re worried about hosting a barbecue because you’ve got an artificial lawn; don’t panic. We’ve got some advice for making sure it all goes smoothly.

Here’s a practical guide to hosting a barbecue if you have an artificial lawn:

When are you planning the occasion

If you’ve already got your artificial grass then no problems! But if you’re planning to have it done before a special event then make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get it installed. Always inform your surveyor if you have a date by which it must be complete.

Where to place your barbecue

We recommend setting your barbecue up on patio or decking at a safe distance from your artificial lawn. The extreme heat generated by a barbecue can melt artificial grass so it is better to try and avoid this if possible!

Only use an elevated barbecue on your grass if you are absolutely confident that no heat will transfer to the grass below. Or that there will be no chance of hot oil or fat transferring to the lawn.

What to ask of your guests

If you have guests who are smokers, provide them with an ashtray and ask that they do not put their cigarettes on the lawn. Cigarettes + artificial grass = unsightly burns.

How to clean up after

If you get ketchup or mayonnaise on the grass – don’t worry – just wipe it up with a wet cloth. If you find there were a lot of spillages it may be worth giving the area a rinse or washing with warm soapy water. Whilst liquids drain through the sub-base, a bit of wash will eliminate any residual stickiness!

Anything else?

Your guests can keep their shoes and high heels on as they won’t sink into the ground, and there isn’t the risk of mud. This is good news if you go indoors when the sun goes down, as your house can remain mud free.

Garden furniture on your artificial lawn is no problem, just give it a rejuvenating brush afterwards!

Enjoy the gorgeous summer weather!