We are offering an incredible 10% discount off the retail price for our expert installations. *

Here at Trulawn, we love seeing homeowners getting the most out of their garden, and a winter artificial grass installation is the perfect time to make changes so you can enjoy the rewards come spring and summer. 2019 marks the 10 year anniversary of Trulawn Artificial Grass and we want to celebrate with you, so we are offering a 10% discount* off all our domestic installations until the 31/12/2019!


10 Years of Trulawn

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Why choose a Trulawn Transformation?

Our Trulawn team work meticulously to achieve the highest quality installation for your outside area. Whether it’s a patchy grass solution or a concrete lay over, there is no lawn too big or small for our team, so you can enjoy a gorgeous green grass for many years to come with your Winter Artificial Grass Installation .


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Not only do our artificial grass fitters prepare the area for you, we will also remove all the existing sod and waste! Most other installation providers will ask you to hire a skip yourself, but we do all of that so you don’t have to. We want you to have an easy, smooth, enjoyable experience, from start to finish!

How can you benefit from a Winter installation?

When we reach the colder months the days are shorter, colder, wetter and all round a bit more miserable! Gardens can quickly become a muddy surface, mud can easily be traipsed into the house, and many of these lawns become unusable from the mix of heavy rainfall and poor drainage.

A low maintenance artificial garden can change this.

• All Trulawn grass has built in drainage technology that quickly allows water to pass through the pile and into the ground below, so you can enjoy your grass in a minimum of 1 hour after rainfall.
• Trulawn grass is extremely durable. It has no problem withstanding against active children and pets, along with enduring the British weather.
• No more mud and no more mowing, just a realistic artificial lawn for winter.
With our amazing 10% off our installations, the best time to install is now so you can enjoy your garden, even in the wet autumn showers.

Customers love our Trulawn Transformations


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We are thankful to each and every customer who has chosen Trulawn artificial grass to upgrade their lawn to one they will fall in love with! Not only is our Trulawn grass the creme de la creme, our installation team hold over 10 years of fake grass experience, professionalism and reliability to achieve your dream garden.

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*This 10% discount is only available for the combined retail price of both materials and works from the Trulawn Team. Installations must be completed before the 31/12/2019.
Some regional restrictions apply and installations are limited to domestic use only. THIS OFFER IS NOW OVER.