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Beautiful Grass for the Beautiful Game

Have you got super sporty folks in the family? Do you want to encourage them to be active, but cry a little inside when your garden gets trashed? Or is your garden in such a state, it’s not fit to be played on? Artificial grass is the answer! In fact, our grasses are perfect for bridging the gap between playing at home and playing on the sports field.  Find out how… How can it make a difference to sportaholics? All year practice Whatever the time of year artificial grass is ready for use, so if someone wants to keep their […]

Vintage Lawn Games for a Great British Summer

We’re pretty fond of the past in Great Britain, always thinking back to the ‘good old days’.  We love that classic feel here at Trulawn, as you might be able to tell from our website! And artificial grass is the solution to the urge in every British person’s heart for that classic green lawn! In the spirit of the past we thought we’d bring you some of vintage lawn games to play on your artificial lawn. Skittles. Apparently they played this one in Ancient Egypt, skittles do look an awful lot like canopic jars when you think about it. The […]

Trulawn provide for Pepsi in global ad campaign…

Pepsi are well known for coming up with bold adverts featuring today’s hottest footballing stars. Last week they released their latest advert ‘Blue Card’ in which two everyday delivery guys get the surprise of a lifetime when they end up playing a dream pickup game with some of the top players in the world. Featuring Sergio Agüero, James Rodriguez, Vincent Kompany and David de Gea the ad sees the players passing the ball and scoring a goal, all with the idea of taking the time out to have fun as well as embrace the unexpected. Why are we bringing you […]

Classic Children’s Games to Play Outdoors

Back in the day we didn’t have iPads to keep us occupied, we ran around outside playing games and building forts. And what about those legendary playground games that seemed to go on for hours but were only the course of a lunch break? Some of the best memories are the ones outdoors and with half term around it’s a great opportunity to play those games with your kids! We put together some of the best classic children’s games that will appeal to your kids as well as bring up some nostalgia! Hide and Seek This one is almost as old […]

Things You Might Not Know About Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is the latest trend in landscaping, but how much do you really know about it? There’s plenty of information out there a lot of which you can find on our own webpages. Here are some grassy facts you might not be aware of… Astroturf is named after a company… It’s used as a blanket term for fake grass but AstroTurf is actually related to a specific brand. Originally called ‘ChemGrass’, Monsanto re-branded after their grass was installed at the Houston Astrodome stadium in 1966. It remained the top brand for artificial sports turf for much of the twentieth […]

Play Sport All Year Round with a Fake Turf Field

It’s the sporting season and a perfect opportunity to find out all there is to know about artificial grass and sports pitches or MUGAs (Multi-Use Games Areas). Fake turf has become more common in fields and stadiums across the globe, with most of the top teams training and playing on fully artificial or partially artificial grass fields.  A fake turf field can be used all year round – that means more practice sessions, more matches and more opportunity for your team to play together. There’s no waiting for the pitch to recover after games or bad weather so your fields can […]

Modernise Your School With Artificial Grass

Trulawn is the leading supplier of artificial grass to schools and nurseries in the UK. Whether you want to improve your entrance or update your play area, artificial grass can really make a difference to the use and appearance of school grounds and improve a pupil’s overall experience of school life. Have a read of some of the qualities that makes artificial grass a great choice for schools… Encourages sport and activity… Artificial grass is great for transforming playgrounds or pitches that have worn thin over too much use, or cannot sustain a healthy cover of grass because of weather […]

Everything You Need To Know About Putting Greens

The quality of play We have two types of putting green on offer, designed for both the amateur and the experienced golfer. Trulawn ProPutt is a professional grade putting grass that offers a smooth surface that offers a consistent stimp speed and is suitable for everyday play. It is consistently chosen by golf enthusiasts to install in their gardens (regardless of their ability). Many professionals are turning to artificial putting greens to practise their short game as it’s a reliable way to keep up your skills. It’s designed to offer a similar style of play to natural golf turf as […]

Will the NFL turn the English Tide Towards Artificial Stadiums?

The new stadium being built for Tottenham Hotspur will be making room for another football team when it opens in 2018 as the NFL have signed a deal to play a minimum of two games a year for ten years at the new London location. Since 2007 the NFL have held 3 games a year at Wembley Stadium as part of its International Series but with the new deal more games will be played in the UK. There is also talk of a potential London-based team being stationed at the Tottenham stadium, with the Jackson Jaguars having already scheduled to […]

BMW PGA Tour 2015 @ Wentworth

The Wentworth Club is one of the world’s oldest golf and country clubs located just outside of London. The club was created when famous golf course architect Harry Colt and then owner George Tarrant developed two golf courses on the East and West side of the main estate building ‘Wentworths’ House in the 1920s. Since then it has grown to become home to three 18 Hole championship courses, a Tennis & Health club, spa, contemporary dining rooms and bar with ‘Wentworths’, built in 1805, now the location for the membership club house. With over 87 years’ experience hosting professional golf […]

Modernise your golf course with artificial grass

Maintaining a golf course is no small feat: there are the greens to tend, the fairways to keep lush, and bunkers to rake, not to mention sustaining a delicate balance between surfaces that are fit to play on and wildlife conservation. It’s little wonder, then, that many golf course owners are opting for artificial grass areas over natural grass in order to make the task of keeping their course fit for purpose simpler. Why use artificial grass? It’s best to start small, laying artificial turf for putting greens and leaving the fairways natural. This immediately cuts down on upkeep of the greens, […]

Simple pleasures – sport in your back garden

Lawns are a central part of many British gardens, but it’s not always practical to have a perfectly manicured, natural lawn as the focus of your outdoor space. Perhaps the kids have flown the nest and you’re looking to make the garden a place that you can enjoy once more, or maybe the children are beginning to grow and you’re keen to get them playing sport to keep them active. Whatever stage of family life you’re at, there are ways you can use artificial grass to create an environment that encourages activity, whether it’s with your friends or a gaggle […]