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How your school will benefit from Artificial Grass

Schools, nurseries and playgroups come to us to solve a number of different problems with their school grounds. Often their existing surface is natural grass which wears thin and muddy with heavy usage, and a durable alternative is needed to cope with a busy school year. Alternatively the existing surface is hard concrete, which is not the softest or most exciting surface for children to be running around on! Artificial grass completely transforms these areas; helping children get outside to enjoy playtime in any weather as well as reduce the severity of a hard fall on concrete. Whilst these are […]

Providing a Safe School Environment with Trulawn Artificial Grass

Kids running across uneven surfaces or playing in muddy areas can be an accident waiting to happen. But rather than cordon off areas and prevent pupils from playing outdoors, there is an alternative; an artificial grass school surface!   Trulawn can completely transform unsightly and unusable areas so that your pupils make the most of the time they have outdoors. Areas will have even coverage all year round. No infill maintenance and no wood chips flying everywhere! No need to cut grass around tricky play equipment. A soft surface to play on. Realistic appearance that’s more attractive than concrete or […]

How does artificial grass meet requirements for education environments?

Artificial grass is becoming a more popular surfacing choice for build and landscaping projects in the education sector due to its combined appeal of function, aesthetic and sustainability. Whether the project involves an expansion, refurbishment or is an entirely new build with landscaping elements, artificial grass is a surfacing that can complement any project with a fresh look that will last. The following information covers the main benefits to artificial grass, the functional advantages to choosing artificial grass for communal areas, as well as the educational benefits that artificial grass offers. Benefits of artificial grass Shade The shadows cast from […]

Some of the Best of 2016!

We’re almost into a brand-new year, so it’s time to take a look back at some of our best installations of 2016! Our in-house team installs Trulawn at hundreds of properties every year, with our network of installation partners completing even more projects across the country. From back gardens and schools, to public buildings and events, there are lots of places that artificial grass can make a real difference. Here’s just a few of the many Trulawn transformations our in-house team has made over the past year. Some of the Best of 2016: Classic lawns… Whether you have a 30 […]

Create the Perfect Play Area For Your Kids

Whether you’re a parent, childminder or education provider, when you’re looking after kids you want to make sure your home or nursery is suitable for kids to use all year round. Lots of children love to play outside but it isn’t always easy maintaining an outdoor area for them to use. Fake grass is a great way of making an area presentable, usable and green for kids to play on as much as they like, all year round.  Even & Durable Ground that becomes dry in the summer and too wet in the winter can be a problem when you’re […]

Modernise Your School With Artificial Grass

Trulawn is the leading supplier of artificial grass to schools and nurseries in the UK. Whether you want to improve your entrance or update your play area, artificial grass can really make a difference to the use and appearance of school grounds and improve a pupil’s overall experience of school life. Have a read of some of the qualities that makes artificial grass a great choice for schools… Encourages sport and activity… Artificial grass is great for transforming playgrounds or pitches that have worn thin over too much use, or cannot sustain a healthy cover of grass because of weather […]

How your nursery can benefit from artificial grass

How your nursery can benefit from artificial grass Artificial grass is becoming increasingly popular in nurseries, day care centres and schools. Outdoor spaces are important for children, enabling them to burn off some of that seemingly inexhaustible energy with constructive exercise and to learn about their environment. This is especially valuable for children who live in city centres and who may not have regular access to green spaces. Playing safe Play areas with artificial grass are a fun and safe way for children to experience the outdoor world. It provides a softer surface than concrete or paving, causing less stress […]

School Tackles Mole Infestation using Artificial Grass

Horningsham School in Wiltshire had been unable to use the grassed areas in their playground after a family of moles decided to take up residence. The molehills were not only unsightly but had caused considerable damage to the grass itself and children were no longer able to play on the areas. The school decided to address the mole infestation issue using artificial grass – a humane and long term solution to the problem that would ensure the molehills didn’t return. Trulawn, one of the leading suppliers of artificial grass to schools and nurseries, was selected to carry out the work. […]