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6 Trulawn Transformations we love, and why!

This month we’re celebrating the things we love! So we thought we’d show you some of our favourite ever Trulawn transformations. Trulawn has been installing artificial grass for almost a decade, and we’ve had our fair share of interesting installations over the years. Here’s six stunning projects that are sure to make you fall in love with Trulawn too! Multi-Level Loveliness in Finchampstead We just love how bright and inviting this garden looks with the addition of our flagship product, Trulawn Luxury. The curved edges on the step and around the flower beds work incredibly well – providing a sleek, tidy […]

Love the Look: Shady solutions

Shade is one of the main reasons you might choose to replace your lawn with artificial grass. Unfortunately a nice south facing garden is no guarantee of a sunny spot! Tall trees and neighbouring houses can have a big impact on how much sun your garden gets and how good your lawn looks and feels. Problems associated with shade: Grass does not get enough light to grow Causes the ground to remain cold and soggy after rain Weak grass wears thin easily creating muddy patches Moss takes over the area Types of shade Full sun: An area that has more than 6 […]

Love the Look: Artificial Grass and Garden Rooms

Gardens are not just seen as an outdoor area anymore, but as an extension of your total living space. An increasing number of people are choosing to build garden rooms or buildings in their gardens, to maximise this space, creating private sanctuaries, offices, studios or living areas to use and enjoy. Artificial grass can work well with a garden room or building for practical and aesthetic reasons. Pros of artificial grass and garden rooms… Clean and contemporary Will not tread a muddy path between buildings Time saving (no cutting, no watering, no fertiliser) Can be cut to any size or […]

Love the Look: Vertical Gardening

Living walls and vertical gardening are fast becoming the choice feature for contemporary gardens. Where space is limited, a living wall can provide a welcome dose of colour and scent, or if you don’t have the time for a lot of gardening, then it can be a more manageable way to incorporate plants into your outdoor space. Some gardens simply aren’t suitable for creating a place full of flora, whether due to soil content, light or water issues, and it can be costly to overhaul the whole garden to make it so. Not to mention the subsequent maintenance costs to keep it […]

Some of the Best of 2016!

We’re almost into a brand-new year, so it’s time to take a look back at some of our best installations of 2016! Our in-house team installs Trulawn at hundreds of properties every year, with our network of installation partners completing even more projects across the country. From back gardens and schools, to public buildings and events, there are lots of places that artificial grass can make a real difference. Here’s just a few of the many Trulawn transformations our in-house team has made over the past year. Some of the Best of 2016: Classic lawns… Whether you have a 30 […]

From Building Site to Beautiful

Trulawn has transformed thousands of lawns over the years. One of the most common requests we get is to replace a lawn that is more mud than grass! New Homes Newly built homes often have gardens that are unfinished. The ground tends to be made up of building dirt rather than soil which will actually allow plants to grow! Compacted Soil If you’ve got a garden that isn’t regularly maintained or a lawn that isn’t routinely aerated then compacted soil can also hinder drainage. This can be made worse if your house has been built on land with a high clay content. Concrete Jungle […]

Love the Look: Artificial Grass and Flowerbeds and borders 2

It is possible to be garden proud and also have fake grass, with flower beds making a great accompaniment to artificial grass and vice versa! If you’re thinking about getting artificial grass and want to know how it might fit in with your current plants, or you have a garden you’re not sure what to do with then take a look at some of the examples we have below… Pros of Artificial Grass and Flowerbeds… Tidy, defined edges all year round Separate grass and bed areas, no-one is going to mistake your lawn for a wild garden! No chance of damaging […]

Love the Look: Artificial Grass and Decking 2

Decking is still incredibly popular in gardens; it’s an easy way to make the garden more manageable, can be used as part of chic design and provides a great community space. These are also some of the main reasons people get artificial grass! And they go great together. We’ve got some great examples of the two together, but first… Pros of Artificial Grass and Decking No trouble mowing in between tricky angles and up against edges. Basically you can have your decking whatever shape you want, and the same for fake grass! Low maintenance garden all year round. They both take very little effort to keep […]

Love the Look: Artificial Grass and Patios 2

  Artificial grass and patios go together like bread and butter. They compliment each other wonderfully and are great if you want a garden that can be used for playing, entertaining or just a place to sit back and relax without too much hassle! If you’re planning on updating your garden and are thinking about artificial grass, you might want to know how it fits next to your paving or patio. There’s plenty of inspiration to be had in the first in our Love the Look: Artificial Grass and Patios series where there is advice on how to choose the right stones […]

Trulawn Continental: A top choice of the Daily Mail!

It was great to see that Trulawn Continental made it into the Daily Mail this weekend as one of their top choices of artificial grass. The article noted that the big increase in homeowners choosing to opt for the fake stuff was down to the fact that it looks so realistic! Gone are the days of green grocer fluorescence, now it’s all about making it look as real and authentic as possible. That’s one of the reasons Trulawn Continental stands out as a favourite among our customers, and has a firm place within our core range of grasses. It has […]

7 ways to revitalise your garden shed

The common garden shed: what does yours look like? Neglected? A bit messy? Did you forget you even had one? As its National Shed Week in June it’s the perfect opportunity to give your shed a makeover and make sure your using it to its absolute maximum ability. We’ve got seven super simple ways of revitalising your shed, so that its not just an eyesore but a part of your garden, and an extension of your home! Paint it Your shed doesn’t have to be boring brown, there are plenty of other colours around these days. Painting it a bright […]

Love the Look: Artificial Grass in High Places

If you don’t have a traditional garden, you might think you can’t have grass. Well that’s not quite the case thanks to the fake stuff!  It looks as real as natural grass, but of course won’t need watering or die because it’s made of plastic. If you have a roof, terrace, balcony or other unusual area that is need of a makeover artificial grass could make a real difference to you. Pros of artificial grass: Durable surface for hard to reach outdoor areas Softer addition/alternative to hard paving Tidy length Low maintenance – a brush and sweep is all it needs […]