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Grandad in the garden

Hello everyone Grandad is back home working in the garden after enjoying the beautiful summer not only here in the south east of England but on his travels to Scotland, Spain and California. I came across this little bit of hedgetopping artificial grass in Puerto de Soller in Mallorca; think they might need to call Trulawn for an update! Whilst in Mallorca Grandad visited one of his favourite gardens …The Gardens of Alfabia in the Coll de Soller about a half an hour’s drive from Palma towards the Serra de Tramuntana. This crazy looking tree with the conical prickles on the […]

Grandad in the garden – sunshine at last

Well spring didn’t arrive when expected but we seem to be on our way now with lots of blossoms and blooms over the last few weeks with more to come. A cautionary note and a sad tale to start. The garden centres are becoming full of summer bedding now but be careful as most bedding is not hardy and night-time frost can still be an issue until the end of May. The sad tale involves The Pontfadog Oak (an British native Oak tree) in the village of Pontfadog in mid Wales. This tree was believed to be a 1000 years […]

In the garden with Grandad…Spring is in the air

‘Spring is in the air’…there seem to be many different versions of this song (not to be confused with John Paul Youngs 1978 hit ‘Love is in the air’) but Grandad was rather taken by a version by the American singer songwriter J D Roth recorded about 6 or 7 seven years ago… ‘spring is in the air flowers grow peeking through the snow….’ And yes the flowers are on their way. Snowdrops are well established now – they look really good along with the buttercup yellow of winter aconites. Daffodils and crocuses are coming into flower and tulips are […]

In the garden with grandad

If you are looking out on your garden today and, apart from your smart Trulawn and a smattering of snow, it’s looking bleak and desolute think again…maybe you should look at your planting and add some evergreen trees or shrubs that will flower in January or thereabouts so that next year and onwards you will have a view 24/7. For vibrant red stems from November throughout the winter go for my favourite dogwood Cornus alba Sibirica. Its flowers and leaves during spring and summer are good enough before they take on autumnal hues before falling. Try planting with the evergreen […]