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Bees – How to get your garden buzzing

Bees are hugely important in keeping your garden flowering beautifully. Butterflies, bees and other flying insects visit plants to collect nectar and pollen, and by moving from flower to flower, they become vital pollinators of many garden and wild flowers. Some flowering plants are pollinated by the wind, but the majority rely on this service from insects, and without it plants would fail to produce seeds. Insect pollination is essential for the harvesting of most fruits, as well as some vegetables. Wild bees and other pollinators are considered to be in decline in the UK. However, gardeners can help reduce […]

Insights into Installation: UK’s Largest Urban Garden

We love it when our grass is installed in interesting places, especially ones with a scientific spin! You can now find our Trulawn Continental grass inside the UK’s largest urban garden, the sort of place that may become the future of farming. Urban farming or urban gardening is the practice of cultivating, processing and distributing food in or around a town or city. Urban agriculture is becoming increasing popular, with companies in the UK, and across the globe, using innovative new technologies to grow plants in unusual spaces. The urban garden is located at the flagship headquarters of East End Foods, […]

Artificial Grass and the Environment

  You may not be aware but there are lots of benefits to installing artificial grass many of which have a positive impact on the environment. Here are the main ways switching to an artificial lawn can be good for you and for your garden. Saves water. Living in Britain we don’t often think of ourselves as being in danger of drought; sometimes it seems like we receive an endless amount of rain! But it’s true. Desalination (the process of turning seawater into drinking water) has been increasingly employed by water companies to try to keep up with the demand […]

Gardening on a Budget: Recycling and Saving Money

Gardening can be a costly hobby. Here are some top tips for saving money as well as a fool-proof way to brag about being environmentally friendly. Reuse old cans and boxes as planters. Recycling cans, tins and boxes is great for the environment and it means you can save money on buying costly pots or containers. Any old cans, boxes or tins you have lying around can be turned into perfect containers with a lick of paint and a little love. You can also find all sorts of vintage tins online for pennies, or plant flowers in your old welly […]

Get your garden buzzing this spring

When considering the installation of an artificial lawn, many people express concern over the effect it may have on wildlife. While its true that synthetic grass itself doesnt support much wildlife, there are plenty of other ways that you can entice a variety of birds and insects into your garden. Interest the insects Having a selection of bright flowers doesnt only make your garden look attractive, it also encourages bees. There has been concern over the past few years about the dwindling number of bees, so choosing flowers such as snowdrops, sunflowers, peonies, lilacs and honeysuckle will provide them with […]

Fake Grass and the Environment

Fake grass could be friendlier to the environment than you think thanks to its design that requires little maintenance. When people think of going green in their garden, it’s unlikely that they will envisage Astroturf. But in reality, fake grass can be a lot friendlier to the environment than you might initially imagine. Purchasing synthetic grass from the right retailer could potentially help you to reduce your carbon footprint in the garden. As a result, more and more people are considering swapping their lawn for artificial grass that often looks better and requires less maintenance than a regular lawn. Less […]