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Enhance your garden AND your artificial grass with these key garden features

We’ve listed some of the key features you’ll find in any modern garden with some advice sprinkled in on how you might use artificial grass alongside it. Take a read below if you’re thinking of giving your garden an overhaul or are starting from scratch with your patch of land. Flowerbeds We recommend keeping or adding some form of flower bed to a garden with artificial grass for a number of reasons: Adds colour and scent Adds authenticity Offers habitats and food for insects and animals What kind of flower bed? Sleepers – Chunky sleepers make it easy to separate […]

Installation season is hotting up…so book in quick!

Every year artificial grass becomes more popular, and every year our peak season starts a little bit earlier! This year is no different as we’re already starting to see a big upswing in the number of people who’d like to transform their lawn! In terms of the actual installation process an artificial lawn transformation can be carried out at any time of the year. However, the most practical time to install is during Spring and Autumn when the ground is softest, and the warm air can help your lawn to relax into place. Also, if you’ve had a wet Winter, […]

Artificial Grass and Snow – What you need to know!

We don’t get snow too often here in the UK, but it’s useful to know what you can (and definitely shouldn’t) do if we do have a white Christmas this year! If you have a Trulawn, or any other artificial grass, then you may want to know what to do when there is frosty, icy or snowy weather. Artificial grass will usually cope just fine with the wintry conditions experienced here in the UK, but we’ve put together some helpful information to answer any questions you may have: Trulawn is the perfect, low-maintenance solution all year-round, and Winter is no […]

8 Garden Trends to look out for in 2018

There are eight main trends you should be looking out for this year, according to the Garden Trends Report 2017. The key theme that runs through the majority of these styles, is the idea of health and well-being, both for people, and for plants. As we struggle to deal with the anxieties of modern life, so too do plants struggle to deal with unexpected climate change. Have a read through the list of Top Garden Trends, and see if any take your fancy, or if you’re already using them! 1. Mental Wellness Using air purifying and calming plants can help to […]

5 Unexpected ways artificial grass could benefit you

Artificial grass has lots of benefits, which is the most important to you? The most obvious benefits include less work involved in garden maintenance, a tidy garden all year round, and more free time for relaxing! But it’s not all about reducing your work load. For many it’s an alternative that means being able to enjoy the outdoors like everyone else. Softer than concrete In a lot of areas where housing, school and community areas have been built, concrete has replaced natural ground. Where it is impossible to remove, or too costly to maintain natural grass, artificial grass can improve […]

How artificial grass can help allergy sufferers!

Everyone looks forward to Summer right? Not if you’re one of the 10 million hay fever sufferers in the UK! While most of us yearn for the arrival of Spring, for many, the sight of flowering bulbs and fresh green grass, means their allergy symptoms won’t be far behind. Allergy UK estimates that 95% of hay fever sufferers are allergic to grass pollen, making it difficult to be active outdoors or simply enjoy their own back gardens. Instead of making the most of the sunny weather with outdoor parties and games, many are left suffering indoors with sore, itchy eyes, […]

More common myths about artificial grass debunked!

Artificial grass is becoming more popular every year. But with so many products on the market it can be tough to sort fact from fiction. We’ve collected some of the most common misconceptions, take a read if you’d like to find out more… Common Myths Debunked… “Your garden has to be square” How many gardens do you know of that are a perfect square? Almost none! It absolutely is not a requirement that a garden be square, rectangular or have straight edges. Artificial grass can be cut to any shape and installed around all sorts of garden features. “It only […]

Make a fresh start with a fresh look lawn

It’s a new year and a new opportunity to change your life. If you’re thinking about how to cut down on the time it takes to maintain your lawn, or want to be able to use your garden without worrying about wrecking the grass, then look no further than Trulawn Artificial Grass! Why is artificial grass so popular? Trulawn Artificial Grass is durable, realistic-looking alternative that can cut down the time spent doing extra work when all you want to do is relax! An artificial lawn can really help you devote your time to doing the things you love in […]

Some of the Best of 2016!

We’re almost into a brand-new year, so it’s time to take a look back at some of our best installations of 2016! Our in-house team installs Trulawn at hundreds of properties every year, with our network of installation partners completing even more projects across the country. From back gardens and schools, to public buildings and events, there are lots of places that artificial grass can make a real difference. Here’s just a few of the many Trulawn transformations our in-house team has made over the past year. Some of the Best of 2016: Classic lawns… Whether you have a 30 […]

What are the trends for 2017?

We’ve been looking into what the latest trends for garden design will be in 2017 and have collected the best ideas from across the globe. If you’re looking for inspiration then look no further! Have a read and find your key style ideas for 2017… Tidy gardens Neat and tidy are the words to live by! That means thinning out overgrown areas, creating boundaries and getting rid of unnecessary items. A dodgy lawn can be a big source of aggravation which artificial grass can easily solve, as well as staying tidy all year round. The minimalist Nordic style is very much a […]

10 Things to know about Artificial Grass and Snow!

It’s not all that often we get snow here in the UK, but it does happen. If you have a Trulawn, or are thinking about getting artificial grass, then you may want to know what to do when there is frosty, icy or snowy weather. Well don’t panic, we’ve put down the ten main things you need to know, all in one handy list:  Generally artificial grass will cope just fine with the wintry conditions experienced in the UK. The colour of your grass won’t be affected by frost or snow. It’s fine to play on the grass when there is a […]

Why you shouldn’t wait to get your brand new lawn

You may not be aware but now is the perfect time to have an artificial lawn installed, either by the professionals like us, or even if you’re doing it yourself. Why wait until the Spring to make your lawn lovely and perfect? We install all year-round, and can give you one less thing to worry about for next year!  Quick turnaround The time between enquiry and installation is much shorter outside of peak season, so if you need yours done before a certain time or don’t like to hang around when having work done, now is a great time to […]