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How to choose the right grass for your dog

All of our grasses are safe for pets so it’s really down to personal preference which will be the most suitable fake grass for dogs and yourself. We have a comprehensive range, exclusive to Trulawn, designed to offer something for everyone, including pet owners. Does your dog make a lot of mess when they go to the toilet? If your dog is regularly using the lawn to make a mess, and you’re not a big fan of picking it up, we recommend a shorter pile grass to make this job a little easier. Our Trulawn Continental grass is a neat 22mm […]

5 Great Reasons to get Artificial Grass if you have Pets

We’re often asked if our artificial grass is suitable for pets, and the great news is it’s perfect for them! In fact many of our customers come to us specifically because they are having trouble maintaining their lawn with a pet who uses it frequently. Trying to keep grass looking lush and green can be a big challenge, even more so for pet owners who have to contend with animal mess, staining, and damage from digging. However, it’s obviously very important for pets to have a safe, welcoming place to run and play, and artificial grass offers the perfect solution! […]

5 Tips For Cleaning Up After Your Pets

Many of our customers are pet owners who want to find a solution to the patchy, discoloured grass they get when their dogs use their lawn as a toilet. Fake grass is terrific option for pet owners who want a lawn that looks good, stays neat and can cope with their pet running around and using it everyday. If you want some advice on how to keep your artificial grass looking as tip-top as when it was first installed we’ve got some top tips for keeping it clean… Scoop up any solids If the length of your grass has put you off […]

5 Things To Know About Fake Grass For Pets

People commonly get artificial grass because they have pets, and they need a surface that can make both animal and human happy. You may have heard the reasons for getting fake grass; it’s usable all year, never needs cutting and looks just like the real stuff. It can make a discoloured lawn green again, as well as provide a place that wont get muddy from little paws. So what else do you need to know? 1. Pets Take to it Pretty Quickly Imagine you have a play area that is wearing thin and hard and then imagine re-carpeting that area […]

Help Your Wildlife Through Winter

The upcoming winter months can be hard on your local wildlife but there are lots of ways you can help them out. If you’ve got a fake lawn, you can still give them a hand by leaving out some tasty treats. They’re really easy to make and are a good little project to do with the kids. Fat balls These are a really great source of energy for birds during winter and they’re super easy to make. You just mix together suet with a mix of oats, seeds or nuts, roll them around a loop of string leave them to set […]

5 Ways to Fend Off Foxes

It is becoming more common to see foxes at night, in your garden and even roaming the streets. They are opportunistic creatures; with their sharp teeth and claws they can get into all sorts of places and can leave a trail of destruction behind them. If you want to protect your garden from being torn up by unwanted visitors, we’ve got five ways to fend off foxes. 1. Don’t give them an easy meal Foxes have very sharp teeth and can be very persistent. If you keep any pets outside like rabbits, guinea pigs or chickens make sure they are […]

How low maintenance is an artificial lawn?

Did you know 1 in 4 gardens are now made up of non-traditional lawns? More and more people each year are turning to lawn alternatives to reduce the time spent on garden maintenance. Ideally your weekends should be spent relaxing in your garden not spending all your free time keeping it in check. Artificial grass is one of the most popular alternatives with 1 in 10 gardens having artificial grass instead of natural. Here are things you need to know about maintenance so you can make the first step to reclaiming your weekend… No maintenance qualities: No watering No seeding/fertilising […]

Is Your Lawn Suffering Under Active Animals?

We’re a nation of animal lovers in the UK but sometimes no amount of love can make up for the state your lawn can become when animals run wild. Trulawn often installs artificial grass in homes where the lawn has been destroyed either by a pet or an infestation. Artificial grass is a humane way to deal with an animal issue and can make you and your pets happy. Dogs They may be man’s best friend but they sure can make a mess of your lawn! Dogs that love to dig or kick their legs up can ruin a lawn […]