The Express re-iterated recently that 3 in 4 homes in the UK with a garden have had a part of the original lawn removed and replaced with some other form of landscaping surface as part of the changing lifestyle needs of the Great British public.

An accompanying survey conducted by also showed an increase in people buying garden furniture, parasols and barbecues as items to improve their gardens rather than your standard plants and flowers.

It comes as more people in the UK are choosing to turn away from traditional English gardens in favour of the al fresco garden style of the Mediterranean, where the garden is as much a part of the living space as the lounge or kitchen.

For many the traditional garden to lovingly maintain and admire simply does not suit the lifestyle needs of modern Brits. With long working hours, and little time to relax, an old fashioned English garden does not offer the same appeal as it once did.

That is why there has seen an increase in garden owners choosing alternative surfacing like patio or artificial grass to meet their needs. Not only are they low maintenance, but they are surfaces which can be used all year round. That means you’re always prepared to enjoy a warm, sunny day.

As a spokesperson for put it, people are, ‘looking to create that extra room where they can eat and drink in the open air and relax in the sun’.

This continental style of living is often seen in modern public areas, with many cafes, pubs and restaurants embracing this style to offer a more informal, relaxing dining experience.

If you’re thinking of updating your garden (8 out of 10 people have admitted doing so in the last five years!) and would like to create an al fresco space that incorporates artificial grass then just get in touch!