Here at Trulawn, we are constantly updating and improving our products to be more inclusive and appealing to all of our current and new customers. As a step forward in Artificial Grass manufacturing, we are the first company to offer the first artificial grass product made from 80% recycled products and 100% recyclable artificial grass; Trulawn Harmony!

There are so many benefits your garden can enjoy when you choose our 100% recyclable lawn.

Reduce Plastic Waste

Unlike other manufacturers of Artificial Grass within the UK, our Trulawn Harmony uses plastic waste from the agricultural industry by recycling this plastic to create the grass. Once you’re finished with our Trulawn Harmony, the grass could be disposed of responsibly thanks to the 100% recyclable benefit. We don’t support plastic waste at Trulawn, which is why we’ve made the step to offer this grass to our customers.

Recyclable Artificial Grass Garden

Just because there is a latex free grass backing doesn’t mean there is a reduce in lawn performance! Our Harmony grass still provides high durability against wear and tear and still holds our 10-year guarantee. Even though Harmony is made from 80% recycled products, our grass blends to your garden perfectly with the immaculate Olive and Forest Green mix and brown thatch coloured yarn.

dog urine protected grass

Pet Owner Benefits

Trulawn Harmony is manufactured with polypropylene dispersion technology and a latex-free backing, which allows liquids to pass through the lawn easily and help reduce the smell of liquid odours. The grass fibres still hold the same durable, bounce back ability so your active pooch won’t affect the appearance of the lawn!

Trulawn harmony is perfect for all homeowners, but those who own dogs will be able to enjoy an environmentally conscious lawn, suitable for their family and their pets as a solution to patchy grass from active dogs.

Blending your garden

If you’re wanting more wildlife out of your artificial garden, or to help make your grass look more natural, there re different features you can add to blend your recyclable artificial grass to its surroundings.


Flowerbeds helps remove the border between the artificial lawn and fencing helps it look more authentic. Placing the flowerbed adds colour, just as vibrant as your grass and provides a habitat for insects and animals to keep your garden full of life.
When you choose a curved or bendy flowerbed border, it provides more character to the area and helps make it look more natural!


Not only do they help you get from A to B, pathways add more character and aesthetic to the garden. From paving slabs, gravel or wood chips. There is a variety of choice for every individual to help complement their garden.
Landscape lights can be placed alongside these pathways to add to the attractiveness of this feature as well as provide safety when it is dark.

There are a variety of different features that you can add to your garden, whether it is artificial or natural grass. Trulawn harmony provides the perfect country garden look with environmentally conscious and low maintenance benefits.