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Rachel Samuel

Rachel is the marketing manager at Trulawn.

How to achieve the perfect curved lawn

We love the look of an artificial lawn alongside sweeping flower beds and borders. Plants and shrubs enhance the authenticity of your grass and introduce additional colours and scents into your garden. A great way to give your borders a soft finish is to create a curved edge that dips in and out of the lawn. This creates extra depth in your flowerbeds, as well as adding visual interest when considering the view from a distance. This striking garden look can be achieved with an artificial lawn as well as natural one by using metal edging. Types of Lawn Edging […]

How to choose the right grass for your dog

All of our grasses are safe for pets so it’s really down to personal preference which will be the most suitable for you and your dog. We have a comprehensive range, exclusive to Trulawn, designed to offer something for everyone, including pet owners. Does your dog make a lot of mess when they go to the toilet? If your dog is regularly using the lawn to make a mess, and you’re not a big fan of picking it up, we recommend a shorter pile grass to make this job a little easier. Our Trulawn Continental grass is a neat 22mm height, […]

Installation season is hotting up…so book in quick!

Every year artificial grass becomes more popular, and every year our peak season starts a little bit earlier! This year is no different as we’re already starting to see a big upswing in the number of people who’d like to transform their lawn! In terms of the actual installation process an artificial lawn transformation can be carried out at any time of the year. However, the most practical time to install is during Spring and Autumn when the ground is softest, and the warm air can help your lawn to relax into place. Also, if you’ve had a wet Winter, […]

6 Trulawn Transformations we love, and why!

This month we’re celebrating the things we love! So we thought we’d show you some of our favourite ever Trulawn transformations. Trulawn has been installing artificial grass for almost a decade, and we’ve had our fair share of interesting installations over the years. Here’s six stunning projects that are sure to make you fall in love with Trulawn too! Multi-Level Loveliness in Finchampstead We just love how bright and inviting this garden looks with the addition of our flagship product, Trulawn Luxury. The curved edges on the step and around the flower beds work incredibly well – providing a sleek, tidy […]

5 Garden Features that look lovely with a Trulawn

This month is all about celebrating the things you love, and there are a few features we know you’ll love when it comes to having a Trulawn. If you’re not sure how to compliment an artificial grass lawn then check out some our top suggestions below! Swing Seat What better way to spend time with a loved one than by relaxing outside on a swing seat, looking at your beautiful lawn! This romantic piece of furniture is the perfect way to enjoy your garden throughout the year. And don’t worry if your feet trail on the floor, because you won’t […]

Let your lawn bring in the birds

With the winter months coming to an end, you’ve probably noticed more activity in the sky. As the cold weather passes our feathered friends start making more regular appearances. But, is having them land in your garden harder than you thought? Having an artificial lawn doesn’t mean you can’t still encourage birds into your back garden! Accommodating the changing requirements – of both resident and seasonal visitors – can meet the needs of your garden birds all year round, and will make for a busy garden full of wildlife. Feeding your flock The quickest and easiest way to invite birds into […]

Trulawn has a new look for the New Year!

You might have noticed a few changes around our website, or on social media – that’s because we’ve had our very own Trulawn Transformation! We’ve completely overhauled our logo, and the whole brand look, to better reflect our family-orientated approach to landscaping. Our new branding is bright and bold, with a clean, modern look and fun elements of colour and style. We’d been using our previous logo for the past ten years so it was definitely time for an update, we really hope you like it! We’ve also made it even easier for you to use our website and find […]

Trulawn Grass of the Year 2017

This year’s bestselling grass for 2017 is – Trulawn Prestige! Trulawn Prestige was introduced in 2015 and has steadily become a firm favourite with customers. It has a slightly lighter look than our other grasses and is reminiscent of a classic British lawn in summertime. With a long 37mm pile it offers a very cushiony feel underfoot, and at a mid-range price it’s unbeatable value. In at second place was our flagship grass Trulawn Luxury and in third was 2016 bestseller Trulawn Supreme! A Prestige Installation… One of our favourite Trulawn Prestige installations of 2017 was at the Rebecca Cheetham […]

Come see us at Futurescape 2017

Once again we are exhibiting at the largest landscaping event of the year: Futurescape! The team will be on hand to answer any of your questions about our artificial grass products, and will have some on hand for you to take away. So if you’re new to the industry and want to dip your toe in with the best products around, make sure you come and speak to team at Trulawn. If you’re a dedicated artificial grass installer interested in enhancing your business you can also learn more about our partnership opportunities by speaking to a member of our trade […]

How does artificial grass meet requirements for education environments?

Artificial grass is becoming a more popular surfacing choice for build and landscaping projects in the education sector due to its combined appeal of function, aesthetic and sustainability. Whether the project involves an expansion, refurbishment or is an entirely new build with landscaping elements, artificial grass is a surfacing that can complement any project with a fresh look that will last. The following information covers the main benefits to artificial grass, the functional advantages to choosing artificial grass for communal areas, as well as the educational benefits that artificial grass offers. Benefits of artificial grass Shade The shadows cast from […]

How to Have a Spooky Outdoor Halloween Party

Who doesn’t love a Halloween party? It’s the perfect excuse to get out the dressing up box, put in your vampire teeth or cut eye holes in a white sheet! Turning your garden into a gory graveyard or haunted house is the perfect way to enjoy some messy Halloween games, and avoid getting fake blood on your sofa! Here are some of our favourite ideas for throwing a spooktacular outdoor Halloween party. Loo Roll Mummies Games can keep the kids entertained, and put the adults to shame too! Work in teams to see how fast you can turn guests into […]

8 Garden Trends to look out for in 2018

There are eight main trends you should be looking out for this year, according to the Garden Trends Report 2017. The key theme that runs through the majority of these styles, is the idea of health and well-being, both for people, and for plants. As we struggle to deal with the anxieties of modern life, so too do plants struggle to deal with unexpected climate change. Have a read through the list of Top Garden Trends, and see if any take your fancy, or if you’re already using them! 1. Mental Wellness Using air purifying and calming plants can help to […]