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How Artificial Grass can be a part of your Summer Garden Design

With the amazing benefits that artificial grass provides to your home life, business and school, it’s no wonder why many people are choosing Trulawn as their low maintenance alternative to dry or patchy grass. No more weekends spent mowing the lawn, a gorgeous appearance throughout the year and highly durable for children and pets. An artificial lawn is the perfect summer grass solution and help you enjoy your garden throughout Summer. For the Soft and Safe Surface   Keeping the kids safe as they play outside is important for any parent or guardian. With many climbing frames available for a […]

Transform your lawn with our amazing Summer offer!

The warming weather is enough for anyone to enjoy being outside, and if you’re looking to use the summer sun for a DIY project, take advantage of our Trulawn Supply Only Summer Offer!   Trulawn Prestige Was £23.99/sqm – Now £17.99/sqm (Ex. VAT)   Order Now and Save 20% With a lush 37mm pile height and classic British lawn colouring, it’s no surprise Trulawn Prestige was awarded Trulawn Grass of the Year in both 2017 and 2018! Ideal for pets and families alike, our Trulawn Prestige is a true all-rounder. Durable, tidy and perfect for enjoying those long, summer days. […]

Host your own At Home Easter Party

We love a good, old fashioned Easter celebration at Trulawn, as it means the whole family gets to spend time with each other (and not just an egg-cellent egg-scuse to crack out some egg puns and Easter-themed yolks). Whether you’re spending the whole weekend socialising or just one day, we have put together everything you’ll need for the best At Home Easter party! Prepare before your guests arrive Although ‘Easter’ is technically a theme, you can narrow it down to become even more specific and base your games, food and decorations around this theme. You can ask your guests to […]

A Garden Your Pets Will Love

February is the time for loving, and whilst we all know Valentines is where Cupid gets to work, National Love Your Pet day comes soon after. Whilst you can enjoy heart shaped chocolates and candlelit dinners, surprise your beloved animals with a durable, quick cleaning artificial grass lawn, perfect for as an active pets artificial garden. Keep them safe from chemicals Trying to save dry or weed-filled grass can involve some pretty strong fertilisers or weed killers, which can sometimes be digested by your pets. With a lovely lawn all year round, your animals won’t accidentally consume something they shouldn’t! […]

Fall in Love with our Delightful Product

Trulawn aims to help all our customers fall head over heels in love with their gardens by transforming lawns with our expert artificial grass installations. We are excited to announce our pet safe artificial grass Trulawn Delight to our Artificial Grass range, the first grass in our range with a 27mm pile height! What is Trulawn Delight? With a four tone colour mix of green and sand brown and a medium pile height of 27mm, Trulawn Delight brings the first flush of spring into your garden all year round. Like all our lawns Trulawn Delight holds a 10-year guarantee, and with […]

The Garden Design Trends for 2019

As we head into another year of gorgeous green artificial grass installations at Trulawn, we also love to keep ourselves updated on the latest garden design trends and inspirations. This year, we have put together some of the most popular and upcoming features that you may start to see in your neighbour’s garden, or even provide some inspiration for your own. These 2019 garden design trends are suitable for both natural and artificial grass owners to enjoy. Grow your own Rising food prices, a need to cut down plastic packaging and the increase of organic produce consumption’s has encouraged many […]

2018: Our best Artificial Grass Installations!

2018 has been a great year for the Trulawn team as we get to work closely with our customers and help them build their dream garden. Our 2018 artificial grass installations are the perfect low maintenance alternative for your grass if you suffer with muddy, patchy, or patioed surfaces. We have put together our favourite installations from each month, completed by our fully experienced installation teams, and if you’re loving the Trulawn transformation, click the image to read the full installation January Transformation February Transformation March Transformation April Transformation May Transformation June Transformation July Transformation August Transformation September Transformation October […]

Our top tips to growing your own Fruit and Vegetables

Growing your own produce is all the rage nowadays. You may have toyed with the idea of growing your own but have probably been put off by the thought of maintenance or investing time into it for the produce to ultimately fail. However, there are some ways to build an Artificial Grass Allotment! Surprisingly, there are some fruit and vegetables that are simple to harvest in your own garden, whether it’s in a pot in your house, or a raised bed in your garden. And even if you own Artificial Grass, it doesn’t mean you aren’t able to join in […]

Have the perfect picnic on your Artificial Grass

Picnics are one of the most enjoyable ways that families and friends can get together, whilst enjoying the warm weather. And what makes it even better is enjoying your refreshing drinks and yummy snacks on your soft Artificial Grass! To make sure you picnic is the best, we have some fun tips on how to enjoy your summer picnic on your Artificial Grass Stay safe in the sun Even if you’re only venturing outside to your garden, it’s always important to stay safe in the sun. Try and sit underneath a tree or use an umbrella to provide some shade. […]

Helping the Wildlife in your Artificial Grass Garden

Just because you have artificial grass, it doesn’t mean you have to reduce the amount of wildlife in your Artificial Grass garden. We have put together some easy-to-do features that will help the wildlife in your garden, or support the furry friends or crawly critters that might just be passing through. Provide Shelter As the weather heats up, some animals and insects still need to find some cover from the sun. Stepping stones and dense hedges are perfect for creatures large and small. Find out different ways on incorporating flowerbeds, hedges and stepping stones in your garden! Leaf Piles In […]

Artificial Grass and Snow – What you need to know!

We don’t get snow too often here in the UK, but it’s useful to know what you can (and definitely shouldn’t) do if we do have a white Christmas this year! If you have a Trulawn, or any other artificial grass, then you may want to know what to do when there is frosty, icy or snowy weather. Artificial grass will usually cope just fine with the wintry conditions experienced here in the UK, but we’ve put together some helpful information to answer any questions you may have: Trulawn is the perfect, low-maintenance solution all year-round, and Winter is no […]

10 Things to do in the garden this Spring

At last, it looks like Spring has finally arrived! We’ve had some glorious sunny weather and early flowers are starting to come into bloom. So, what should you be doing in the garden this month to make the most of the season? Keep on top of weeding As the weather gets warmer, weeds will start to spring up in you garden. Regular weeding is important, and much easier whilst they are small! Pull them out by hand, or use a spade. Be aware of late frost Keep a close eye on the weather during April, as frosts are still possible. Flowers […]