At Trulawn we are all big garden fans and can’t think of anything better than spending time outdoors in our own little piece of England. So it made perfect sense to bring a touch of the outdoors in and makeover Trulawn Towers with artificial turf.

We finished off our office makeover by adding lots of lovely plants. Not only do they look nice, but health experts have long believed that indoor plants are good for us because they filter out the bad things in the air, boost productivity and balance indoor humidity.

We went for a few of my personal favourites:

The areca palm – one of the most popular palms. It releases moisture into the air, removes chemical toxins, and is also beautiful to look at. The areca is consistently rated among the best house plants for removing all indoor air toxins

Dracaena – a really pretty plant and one of the best for removing trichloroethane from the air

Orchid – what isn’t there to like about Orchids? They will brighten up any indoor space with a pop of colour. They like natural sunlight and warm temperatures. If you are an Orchid fan, like me, check out the Kew Garden’s annual Orchid Festival which starts on the 9th February.

Creating a garden feel in our office has definitely helped fend off the January blues and brought an air of optimism to our office. Apparently that could all be down to the colour green, which is thought to relieve stress and lower blood pressure. People that have a green work environment are meant to be calmer and have fewer stomach aches (we’ll keep you posted on that).

Staying on the same theme, Dulux has recently predicted natural shades of green to be a key interior trend for this year that “connects us to the living world, creating an instant sense of well-being and encouraging us to live naturally”. Good to know we’re on trend with our green scheme! And we’re predicting that artificial lawns indoors are going to be big in 2013 too…

All in all we’re feeling revitalised by our office revamp. We’re not totally convinced our newly turfed Trulawn Towers is going to help lower our blood pressure but it looks great, we haven’t killed off the plants yet and Ritchie (aka. the boss) is singing more and shouting less …so maybe it is working!