Artificial Grass and Snow – What you need to know!

by Brave Little Tank 2 weeks ago in Did you know?
pristine snow

We don’t get snow too often here in the UK, but it’s useful to know what you can (and definitely shouldn’t) do if we do have a white Christmas this year!

If you have a Trulawn, or any other artificial grass, then you may want to know what to do when there is frosty, icy or snowy weather.

Artificial grass will usually cope just fine with the wintry conditions experienced here in the UK, but we’ve put together some helpful information to answer any questions you may have:

green grass

1. The colour of your grass won’t be affected by snow or frost.

child in snow

2. You can still continue to use your grass when there is a covering of snow.

slip warning sign

3. Just like natural grass, artificial grass can be slippery when ice forms so do be careful.

ice melting

4. It’s always best to let snow and ice melt away naturally.

icy grass

5. Avoid using salt to melt ice and snow, as it could affect the drainage holes in the grass backing.

shovel in snow

6. Avoid shovelling snow, unless absolutely necessary, as hard force could damage the grass surface and backing.

7. Grass may become flattened down after heavy snow, but it should bounce back naturally with time, or you can always use a broom to help lift the pile if necessary.

8. If you know that snow is forecast, try to sweep any leaf debris off the lawn to stop it turning wet and mulchy.

Trulawn is the perfect, low-maintenance solution all year-round, and Winter is no different. Just keep our simple advice in mind!

If you have any other questions just give us a call on 0800 2100461 and we’ll be happy to help, or check our FAQ section.