Artificial grass is becoming a more popular surfacing choice for build and landscaping projects in the education sector due to its combined appeal of function, aesthetic and sustainability. We understand that Trulawn needs to to abide by certain artificial grass environment requirements.

Whether the project involves an expansion, refurbishment or is an entirely new build with landscaping elements, artificial grass is a surfacing that can complement any project with a fresh look that will last.

The following information covers the main benefits to artificial grass, the functional advantages to choosing artificial grass for communal areas, as well as the educational benefits of artificial grass environment requirements.

Benefits of artificial grass


The shadows cast from buildings can have a big effect on the external landscape. Grass and other plants can struggle to grow in poor light conditions and when coupled with extensive footfall, can render an area unusable. If impractical to amend the size of a building, artificial grass can offer a solution.

Climate change

One of the biggest challenges facing landscapers today is to create areas that can cope with the climate change as the dichotomy of wet winters and dry summers becomes more extreme. Artificial grass is installed with a draining base to prevent the ground becoming waterlogged or brown and dry in the summer.


Grounds maintenance is costly, and in the case of re-seeding can often be fruitless. Artificial grass requires a fraction of the cost to maintain versus natural grass, but still has the same look and feel.

Play equipment on artificial grass

How does artificial meet functional requirements?


High footfall, traffic flow and dispersal of students can be mediated with the durability of an artificial surface.


All Trulawn products are child safe, non-abrasive, non in-fill grasses, and fire tested.

For play equipment areas, a cushioning substrate can be laid underneath the grass to meet EU critical fall height standards of up to 2m.

Designated areas

The tidy lines and ability to create specific shapes with artificial grass can help enforce designated areas for different types of play, as well as re-inforce safe zones or staff only areas.


A variety of games and activities can be played on artificial grass, whether as a general playing field or a designated multi-use games area (MUGA).


How does artificial grass meet educational requirements?

Creative learning

Coloured grasses in shapes and patterns can be installed for play and learning.

Uninterrupted learning

Offers sustained use of outdoor areas to develop physical skills in games and activities, as well as social in the form of team building.

Impromptu learning

Provides an opportunity to take advantage of outdoor areas to deliver dynamic lessons at any time of the year.

Cross-ability learning

Areas should be suitable for children of all abilities, the durable nature of artificial grass surfacing can make once off-limit areas accessible to those with mobility difficulty.

In conclusion…

Education environments can benefit greatly from the installation of artificial grass as part of a landscaping update, refurbishment project or entirely new build. It meets aesthetic and functionality requirements, offering a durable surfacing option for schools of all sizes, and children of all ages.

The outdoors are as vital a part of the school experience as inside the classroom, so landscaping should not be forgotten when it comes to planning a construction project for a new or existing school.

Where it is a concern to keep yearly grounds maintenance costs low, this should not come at the expense of providing an engaging outdoor environment. Artificial grass is a surfacing solution that works well to offer a best of both worlds.

Trulawn have extensive experience installing artificial grass for schools, improving entrance grounds, general play areas, and playing fields.

If you would like to arrange a free quote or site survey for a surfacing project then please call 0800 2100 461 or make an inquiry online.


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