We have all the essential installation accessories you need including artificial grass adhesive, membranes, and plastic edging. Whether you’re doing a DIY one-off, or you’re looking for a reliable, regular supplier we’ve got what you need. In fact, Trulawn has almost everything you need all in one place!

Artificial Grass Adhesive & Tape

We have artificial grass adhesive for both small and large jobs. Each cartridge does around 3 linear metres, so if you think you’re going to be gluing more like 11-12m then you may like to go for a tub instead. Or consider a combination of both.

A question we’re often asked which side of the tape to glue on when creating a join – make sure you place the glue on the white side. The green side or smooth side should be facing the weed membrane. Our tape is sold in linear metres so you only need to purchase the amount you need.

Top Tip – Avoid using the lawn for at least 24 hours to give the artificial grass adhesive a chance to fully set. Using it before then can cause the grass to move, making a join more visible.

If you want further help on how to successfully join a piece of grass to another make sure to check out our helpful video guide: Gluing Seams 

Edging & Membranes

We provide some base layer essentials to make sure our lawns are stable around the edge, underneath and on top of the sub-base drainage layers of aggregate and grano dust.

Using plastic edging will help prolong the stability of the lawn perimeter, as timber edging will eventually degrade over time. This is available in 3m lengths, and is made from plastic which can be recycled.

Top Tip – If you do decide to use timber for your edging make sure that it has been tanalised with wood preservative. This will help it last longer.

We’ve got a range of weed suppressant, weed membrane roll sizes for projects small and large. These are sold by the roll and come in widths of 1m, 2m and 4m. That way you can select a combination of rolls based on your needs.

Stability membrane is also available for regular installers of artificial grass where it is more effective to keep a larger roll to use on a daily basis. This is primarily used to help keep the sub-base layers separate from the earth below, whilst still allowing for drainage.

Artificial Grass

Of course you can’t forget our bread and butter – artificial grass itself! We provide a high quality range of 6 regular grasses. If you’re a golf fan, we also provide specific grasses for putting green installations too. These are all at a variety of lengths and budgets to suit all sorts of projects.

Every single one of our grasses is designed to be used by children, pets and with low maintenance in mind. All come with a 10 year UV stabilised guarantee.

Have a read of our Installation Guide if you’d like a step by step guide to installing Trulawn artificial grass.

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If you want to see a full list of accessories available make sure to check out our product range. And if you’d like to get a quote or make an order of any of the above give us a call on 0800 2100 461.

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