Artificial grass has lots of benefits, which is the most important to you?

The most obvious benefits include less work involved in garden maintenance, a tidy garden all year round, and more free time for relaxing! But it’s not all about reducing your work load. For many it’s an alternative that means being able to enjoy the outdoors like everyone else.

Softer than concrete

In a lot of areas where housing, school and community areas have been built, concrete has replaced natural ground. Where it is impossible to remove, or too costly to maintain natural grass, artificial grass can improve these areas significantly. It is far more attractive visually, and softer to play on too.

Artificial grass can also be installed with a shock pad underlay around play equipment, to reduce the chance of critical injury to children who fall. If you want to improve a child’s play area then artificial grass is a great choice.

The ability to clean

Some people may be baffled at the idea of being able to clean artificial grass but the fact that it can be sanitised can be a bonus for people with sensitive bodies. Whilst it can’t stop grass or plant pollen and debris traveling in the air, it can be a better option for people to enjoy the outdoors who also have sensitive skin.

Relief for the less able

There are many people living in Britain who struggle with seemingly simple garden tasks due to a medical condition or old age. Mowing the lawn can be a lot of work to undertake (which is why we all complain about it!) especially when you have trouble getting around. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to enjoy your outdoor space.

Small spaces

The sight of green even in a small space can bring a smile to your face. Not everyone has a huge garden, some people have balconies or terraces. A bit of green can brighten up a small area where there is no natural ground. Add in a plant pot or hanging basket, and this can really make it feel like you’ve got your own garden.

Encouraging activity

One of the reasons sports centres all over the UK have changed their pitches to artificial grass is so that the space can be used all year round. The fact that natural grass can go thin and muddy isn’t just a visual downside it has an impact on kids and adults being able to play games and sports. If keeping your family active is a big concern then artificial grass might be good for you!


Did it surprise you to find that there’s more to artificial grass then just having a tidy garden? Whilst it’s a big time saver it has plenty of other benefits that could make a difference to not just your garden, but your lifestyle too!

If you think artificial grass might be a benefit to you, why not get in touch? Call 0800 2100 461 or make a request online.