Installing artificial grass for dogs & pets

Artificial grass for dogs

Patchy Grass?

Have you noticed that your grass is turning patchy in areas that your dog favours for potty time? It’s more common than you might think and homeowners around the country are turning to the wonders and benefits of fake grass.

Suitable and Safe for pets?

We’re often asked if artificial grass is suitable and safe for pets, the truth is that a synthetic lawn from Trulawn is made with seriously durable materials, stopping dogs from their digging antics. Some pets may feel inclined to ingest the grass, being made of plastic, we wouldn’t recommend this, but it’s not considered typical behaviour.

Finally, our grasses are super easy to clean, so washing away pet mess quickly after with soapy water, no need for bleach or other harsh chemicals, which would be bad for your grass anyway!

Benefits of artificial grass

Whether your are planning to convert your garden to synthetic grass specifically for pets or because of any of the great benefits it brings we know you’ll love the flexibility and opportunity of using your garden all year round.

Child Safe
Quick Drainage
UV Stabilised
Pet Safe
No Mowing
No Mud
No Watering

Artificial Grass Prices

The cost of artificial grass can vary depending on the size of your garden, typically measured in square foot, the type of turf that you select, which vary in pile height and fibre density and, the installation process itself.

National Coverage

The UK’s Favourite Artificial Grass Company

Trulawn supplies and installs the most true-to-life artificial grass available in the UK. With Trulawn you don’t need to be green fingered to have a gorgeous garden!

We specialise in transforming back gardens with the highest quality fake grass that looks and feels as good as the real thing.


Our network of Trulawn installers operate across the UK and are trained to the highest standard, ensuring that you receive the highest level of service.

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