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What kind of maintenance is involved with an artificial lawn?

An artificial lawn is low maintenance but not zero maintenance.

We recommend you care for your artificial lawn like you would any other surface in your home. Like a carpet, it’s good to remove any plant debris from the surface every now and again. This prevents any blockages to your drainage holes, and discourages surface weeds from growing. You can do with this with an outdoor broom or hoover (on a dry day).

As an artificial lawn is used it will experience some flattening of the blades. Typically a warm sunny day will help rejuvenate the pile, but a quick brush will also help. You can do this with a stiff outdoor brush or, if particularly compacted, a power brush will do an even better job.

If you have pets, it’s important that you pick up pet mess and rinse/wash the area with warm soapy water or disinfectant solution when you can. This is to keep the area sterile and discourage odours. For most customer odours are not a problem when you follow this plan, but some animals have particularly potent urine due to size, sex, diet, breed or medication.  Trulawn Zeolite is available for owners who think this might be a problem.

The great thing about artificial lawn is that is very hard wearing and will not discolour due to pet liquids, or fade in the sun for at least 10 years. Being able to clean the surface is actually a benefit for those with young children who might be crawling around in the same place as a dog or cat is using the toilet.

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