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How do you stick down a Trulawn?

First thing to bear in mind is that Trulawn grass on its own is fairly weighty. Our grasses contain both blade and thatch to give it the most realistic look possible which, unlike other grasses on the market, means that it doesn’t require an infill. But for stability and peace of mind we always secure our grasses when carrying out an installation.

There are a couple of different methods of securing your Trulawn fake grass:

Per our own method, you will most likely be using a timber/plastic or cement edging. For timber and plastic you will be fixing down the grass with nails every 5-6 or so inches. Around a curved edge, or an edge where you need a very close finish, you will use cement haunching. For this type of edge you would use adhesive cartridge to secure the grass.

Most installations will have a combination of different edging techniques based on what is the best course of action for the existing features.


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